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The Freewheeling Freelancer

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The Freewheeling Freelancer

This blog ( began as an experiment: can one really ride a bicycle indefinitely while continuing to work? The point was not the bicycle, but the challenges of working on the road. The answer was “yes”, and the journey of discovery took 4 years. In that time, the blog morphed into a personal journey, past and present, with an eye to practical tips and lessons learned.

Travelling paused during 2018 while I had my hips replaced. The serial novel Emily and Hilda ran that year, with the last chapter coming out in November. To my surprise, the fiction proved quite popular. In a short survey, a plurality of readers asked for a new novel with new characters. Days of Lead ran from November 2018 to June 2019. Both stories have been adapted into novels: Emily & Hilda (and its sequels Rule Number One and Emily Is Hard to Kill), and Lockhart (and its sequels, Enemies and Art to Die for). All six books are available worldwide in paper and electronic form. Use this link:

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