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December 2022 - Jordan Bikepacking/Gravel - 2-3 Weeks

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December 2022 - Jordan Bikepacking/Gravel - 2-3 Weeks


I would love to do the Jordan Bike Trail (gravel - not tarmac):

I have done bikepacking trips by myself in Spain, Balkan and Scotland. 
For Jordan, I want to have company as it is probably not so enjoyable alone as a woman.

I average about 70km per day and 1000-1500m of elevation. But I am also happy to take it a bit easier :-)

I will have 5 weeks off in December - the trip can be done in 2 weeks. I would probably plan 3 weeks to allow for some layover days to enjoy the culture and the country. So this gives me some flexibility regarding start date.

Reach out to me if you are interested in joining!

best, Melina



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