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Maine to Nicaragua, September to December

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Maine to Nicaragua, September to December

Heading to Nicaragua from Maine in September. Plan to take 100ish days to do the 4200ish miles. Mostly camping out and eating inexpensive foods. Physically fit but not planning anything too radical, I do prefer gravel and doubletrack over busy pavement. Rail trails, Parkways, country roads and occasional woods roads are preferred to busy highways. Stealth camping and quiet established campsites rather than campgrounds and motels. I ride a drop bar adventure bike with two inch tires and travel light. 40-100 miles per day is typical. Riding at night/shoulder hours is sometimes preferred to sweltering days. 

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Maine to Nicoragua

I live in (Globe) Arizona and may consider joining you.   Do you have a specific route?/  Where you planning  to enter Mexico? 

928) 200-3636      Brian