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Southern US cycling suggestions Dec 20ish to Jan 5ish?

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Southern US cycling suggestions Dec 20ish to Jan 5ish?

Hi, My husband and I would like to fly into California, Arizona, Florida or someplace warm for 2 weeks over the holidays this year. We'd appreciate some suggestions on a good place to go where we could rent bikes (we may bring ours depending on the place) and tour for about a week of the time perhaps more? We are good to rent a car and drive back or whatever. We'd like to camp and warmshowers to meet folks, as that has been the best part of some of our tours. Suggestions of good routes would be great and interesting things to see would be most welcomed. We'd look at about 50-80 km a day so we can see a little of each place as well. We'd also be open to renting recumbent trikes or uprights, depends what is available and the route. Thanks

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Just second hand knowledge as

Just second hand knowledge as I don't live in the US, but theres a few recumbent rental shops adjacent to trails in Florida.

Theres also an overall site for North America, although it doesn't look like you can specify desired bike type in the search. It does list rentals in the chosen states though.

If this fails try asking on the forums of Bentrider Online (recumbents).

Hope this helps.


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All of the places you

All of the places you mentioned have the possibility of warm weather, but depending on storms and weather patterns, there can be cold wet winds and temps can be freezing at night (deserts usually don't hold their heat at night in the winter months). I have ridden LA to Vegas, LA to Phx, and Flagstaff to Phx in December/January. These trips were pleasant and I had a warm sleeping bag for the cold nights. If you have any questions about any of these routes, please let me know.


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