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injury advice

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injury advice


I completed a 4 day 425km bike trip in Korea 9 days ago. My pinky and ring finger on my last hand are still numb (I guess it's handlebar palsy) and I can't bike as a result. Any tips/suggestions based on personal experience. I don't want to give up riding.


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are your bike is in right size?

I had similar experience and it took 3 month to heal 95% and 5 month to heal 98%. if you can, visit a doctor. and check your bicycle frame size whether it is appropriate with your height and your leg length or not. you can google about the right size or use help of an experienced bicycle shop( be careful! Unfortunately they all claim they are experienced)

have you customized your handlebar in any way?

P.S. it was my left hand too

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Biker's Palsy advice

Thanks for your comment Amir. I don't think my bike is a good match for me. It's just a cheap bike that I've been using far too much. It seems like it's time to invest. I haven't tried any customized handlebars yet either. Thanks again! :)

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Without wanting to convert

Without wanting to convert anyone I find that a recumbent bike alleviates
most neck, bum and hand problems especially on long rides.
(I rode brevets from 200-1000 km when I was eights years younger and dumber than today.)

Usually some cheap ones to be had used depending on where you live.
Bought a compact Toxy CL with dual suspension, discbrakes and SON-dynohub for 500 USD
here in Denmark for use on a trip around the world. Did need some TLC though,
but the basic bike was sound.

If thats too big a leap maybe play around with the handlebars of your current bike first.
Most likely cheaper. :)


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Gloves, tape, and position

The traditional advice would well-padded cycling gloves and a layer (or even two) of padded handlebar tape. Switch hand positions frequently. Raising your handle bar a bit takes more pressure off your hands, but puts it on your butt. Finally, you could convert to a different style handlebar without the drop. Good luck!

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