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Cykling from Sweden to Egypt overland only

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Cykling from Sweden to Egypt overland only


my question is about Turkey and the Middle East. I have heard, that it is tolerated in Turkey to use the shoulders of every highway. I'll skip Istanbul (have been there before) and will gå via Çanakkale, Antalya... and hope it is possible to enter Syria close to Aleppo. I have seen on Google maps that there is a bridge between Gallipoli and Çanakkale (closer to Gallipoli). Is it possible to cross that bridge by bicycle?

How about Syria, Jordan and Israel? Is it allowed/tolerated to use motorways there as well? Are there wide shoulders on the motorways?

In Egypt I read there will be police escorts. It feels safe for me, but are they accompanying on motorways?

Thanks in advance for your answers



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