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Bike trip from France to Thailand

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Bike trip from France to Thailand


Is anyone interested in a bike trip from around France to around Thailand ?( or just a portion of the trip)

I will probably start in september, but I don't have any precise route planned yet and I don't have any time constraints so I'm quite flexible.

My final goal is to get a job as a dive instructor in Thailand.

I speak french and english, but would also be glad to learn other languages from you :)

I'm french, I'm 25

If you have any questions, please ask away :)


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Forget about the job in

Forget about the job in Thailand. Very few Thais speak English, I had a Thai girlfriend that had worked 16 years in a hotel and her English was still quite bad. As an instructor you have to speak Thai. Good luck.

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No, I'll still do it !


Thank you for your message and warning :) 
It's true that most people has a bad level in english there. I went there for a few month already, and I can say that it's most often possible to find a way to understand each other.

As for the necessity to speak Thai to be instructor in Thailand, I can garanty that it's false. As a matter of fact I learned to dive there and I don't know much Thai instructors.



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Hi Damien,

Hi Damien,

I' m currently thinking about a bike trip which could be france (or germany, where I come from) to thailand. As I have to finish my studies first, I would not be able to leave earlier then november or december, depending on the date of my exams. Is it fix, that you want to leave in september?