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Bulgaria-Georgia-Türkey-Greece-Albaina Jun - Nov 2022

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Bulgaria-Georgia-Türkey-Greece-Albaina Jun - Nov 2022


Bulgaria-Georgia-Turkey-Greece-Albania is the approximate route I would like to do from June/July to November 2022 and would like to avoid flying out of conviction (yep, it's possible).

If you like the idea and you also like....
- to be simply on the road
- prefer a starry sky and a tent to a hotel
- like to cook on the cooker, but also appreciate local food
- you prefer to ride beautiful routes instead of a lot of road
- but are still fit for bumpy tracks and 50-80 km per day
- you find it more fun to be chased by wild dogs in pairs than alone
... then get in touch for a chat.

I am Mirco (32)
- live in a shared flat with 6 people and respect others
- like to approach people
- love movement, mountains and nature (I am a biologist)
- have already enjoyed several bike tours (up to 3 weeks: in the Himalayas, Romania, Poland, France and Bosnia)
- like to be outdoors, but also like city life
- need to get away again to broaden my horizon
You too?

It's simply better with two, if it fits!

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