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Balkans in summer

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Balkans in summer


I am planning a 3-4 week trip around Serbia, Bosna, Montenegro, possibly also Macedonia, Albania. Light weight packing, hope to stay at lots of WS hosts, or tent in nature, probably about 80 km of dailly cycling. In August probably, I have some friends that would drive me from Czech republic in a van. Would you like to join me? 


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Balkas in summer

Hi ondrej

I live close to kosice ,where are you planning to start your trip and if you have a chosen date ?

I will be able to join for 2 weeks i guess.

Thank you 


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Hey Ondrej,

Hey Ondrej,
I'm in Tucson, AZ USA but I expect to be in Europe for a portion of the summer and would consider joining you. I"ve always wanted to see that portion of eastern Europe.
I lived in France for several years, and my climbing partner there was Czech. He introduced my to slivovitza, More specifically, to slivovitza-induced hangovers!
Are you focusing on pavement, or off-pavement routes? Do you have a tentative route planned or mapped (or using a published one)?

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Balkans in summer

Hi guys,

thanks for your answers, but things changed a little bit and I don't have so much free time this summer. Maybe next year. If you ever will be close to Zlin, let me know if you need hosting or some advice.  Ondrej