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Eurovelo6, Orleans > Atlantic. 29.04-10.05, anyone?

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Eurovelo6, Orleans > Atlantic. 29.04-10.05, anyone?

I will be going for my very first tour - along Eurovelo6, from Orleans to Atlantic. I am planning to do camping and use warmshowers / bnb places from time to time. I am going by myself - my partner is not into cycling, but I might enjoy company as well. I am a friendly, easy going person, Polish / European, gay, I work as a videomaker, I am into art, human rights, nature, gardening, music.

I use Komoot to create maps and Garmin for GPS navigating

I fly with my bike from Edinbugh to Paris on 25.04, I spend there a few days. Then take a train to Orleans, see the city and next day to start cycling from Orleans on 29.04.2022 along Eurovelo 6. I don't want to be in rush, I would like to visit castles or nice parks in the area of Eurovelo6. So racing is definietely not for me.

The tour would end in Nantes.

Happy to discuss options if others want to joint the adventure.






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