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Scandinavie and Baltic

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Scandinavie and Baltic

Hi I plan to accomplish next June July 21 my teenager dream. With e-bike and trailer.

Here under is my ajustable itinary :

I'Il start in Hamburg. Direction Oslo via Euro Velo 13.

Then train to Bodø. Cycling in the Lofoten Islands to Narvik.

North Cape ?

Narvik-Helsinki by train (which stop for cycling ferry days on the way ?)

Helsinki-Tallin by ferry. Then discovery of Saint Petersbourg by bus or train.

Return in Tallin. Cycling a bit in Estonia.

Then ferry to Stockholm.

Stockholm Copenhague Hamburg via EV 10.

Your feed back and tips are dearly welcome. I'm so inspired by your courageous trips.

All the best. Philippe 


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WS Member ユーザー Piotras の写真

E-bike? Where are you going to charge its battery?