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Cape 2 Cape (Scotland to South Africa, March 2022)

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Cape 2 Cape (Scotland to South Africa, March 2022)


We are two cyclists who plan to cycle from Cape Wrath in Scotland to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. We will be using the West Coast, you can view our route here:

We have both completed smaller tours before and are extremely excited about this one! We do not know each other, having met virtually whilst recruiting partners for this trip.

I am Oscar, a Primary School Teacher based in Edinburgh, and my cycle partner lives in Germany, and will travel over to start in March. My Instagram is @ojmchamberlain to give you a feel for me. Please ask any questions that would encourage you to join us!

Ideally I would like to undertake this trip with a team of 4 of us. Enough to split into 2 teams of 2 when needed to make handling situations easier, but also reduce the amount of overhead gear we need to carry.

Thanks, and please get in touch. �

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