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Gosport > Dover > John o Groats (We'll see where we go from there)

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Gosport > Dover > John o Groats (We'll see where we go from there)

Hello Jolly Cyclists,

The summer is almost here and that means it's time to get the touring bike out. I'm planning to cycle the NCN Route 2 to Dover, then the NCN Route 1 from Dover to John o Groats and mostly wild camp the journey (Due to the expense of hotels and camp grounds at the moment + hostels being out due to covid). Anyone who has done this, can you recommend any good spots on route to stay and see. Feel free to privately advise places if you prefer.

Here is a link to the GPX file of the route

I did begin a cycle tour from Gosport to Lands End already but unfortunately due to a tooth filling falling out, I returned back to Gosport to get emergency dental treatment. My initial plan was to do Gosport > Lands End > John o Groats. But now as I'm back in Gosport, i don't want to ride the same route again to Ivybridge (The last place i got to), so plan to do the above route and then maybe do the John o Groats to Lands End instead.

Here is a link to the GPX file of the Lands End to John o Groats route

Anyways all advice/suggestions are welcome.




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wildcamping up east coast

Hi, we cycled the east coast - (but hugged it all the way) - from Brighton to Edinburgh - with our dog on a trailer! It was easy to wildcamp  -pretty much everywhere. Couple of places I remember were the sand dunes just b4 Redcar (police drove over the grass to see what we were doing - then just drove off!) On the cliffs near Crastor, on the Cinder Track between Scarborough and Whitby, 2 nights on the public fields outside King's Lynn, sandunes nr the beach at Brancaster (told to by local!) the car park by Peter Scotts lighthouse on the River Nene. The rest of your route looks more inland than we did. 

I can recommend just a few campsites - Orchard Cottage Campsite at Weybread (NW of Halesworth in Norfolk) a little off your route but fantastic -  cheap,  great owners, low key and basic - perfect! also you pass a in town campsite which was good in South Shields - it is really built up and not good for wild camping and the campsite is just inland from the beach - where there is a pub in a cave that you get a lift down to.... who could resist!!  Also - on the lane that goes to Lindisfarne/Holy Island is a micro campsite with lovely cafe attached. Good pub up on main road too.... ! 

Hope you have a wonderful journey - it is a human right to lie down and sleep somewhere - we all have to be somewhere!!!!

We are off on the King Alfred's Way - 220 miles off road - so it WILL rain tomorrow! cheers, jo

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Thanks for the insight

Hi Jo,

Thanks for your insight and advice. I plan to cycle a couple of days after my second jab this 16th July, can't wait to begin. There has been a whole host of other reasons for the delay, house sitting, medical check (40 year old one), got a new job (visa and paperwork stuff to do) and weather (When is summer going to start lol). But this is the defining date I start hopefully. Feel very relieved to hear about all the great wild camping spots on the way. I've pinned them roughly on googlemaps and the pub in a cave sounds very unique but a must do.

Enjoy your 220 mile off road trek in the rain, hopefully it won't be too soggy. 

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hosts on your route

check this guy out - he messaged on warmshowers to offer hospitality...

Who's Cycling around the UK this year?

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When did you leave to begin this tour, also how many times did you dip in the sea? haha I'll contact that guy, seems very hospitable.

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We started in july too - and

We started in july too - and had a heatwave to start  - which meant the dog had to stay in the trailer mostly (5 stone lurcher!) so my husband was really stressed! But it got better and then we only had a few torrential showers - good excuse to stop and hide!

We always try to wild swim too - along the way... but often say it and don't do it... hope you do better! Enjoy!