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Sweden to COP26 in Glasgow

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Sweden to COP26 in Glasgow


I plan to go by bike from Katrineholm in Sweden to Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I will start 1 September this year (2021) from my hometown, which is situated around 1 h trip by train South of Stockholm. I will use Sverigeleden in Sweden and either go to Helsingborg and take the electric ferry to Denmark or go to Malmö and go by train to Denmark. In Denmark I will continue biking, of course. Furthermore I will go to Hamburg, Germany (and visit friends there), Amsterdam, NL, Belgium and a little bit into France, where I will take the train throughout the Eurotunnel to Folkstone in England, UK. Even from Folkstone I will continue by bike, of course. If time will run out for reaching COP26 in Glasgow in time, I will go the last part to Glasgow by train as well.

I am both looking for company on my trip or part of my trip as well as I am looking for hosts. I expect, that I will do 60 to 80 km/day. I am a 70 year old #GrandmaForFuture.

Thanks for reading and welcome to support me during my mission


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