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Good navigating/map software for bicycling?

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Good navigating/map software for bicycling?


I don't want to start a war between paper and digital maps. So let's say one have to find a good digital maps and software for modern phone.
Open Cycle Map seems to be very good. It's free, pretty accurate at least in some parts of world.

In Android phones you could use Androzic with Ozimapper. You get maps easily from online and can manually save and transform them to offline maps. However this Androzic doesn't have an ability to save online maps to automatically to ffline whenever looking at some map area online.

How about iPhone? Are there good free map apps, which could use online Open Cycle Maps?
Are those programs capable for automatic offline maps saving? (the feature which is missing in Androzic))

For those who OCM is unknown: Open Cycle Maps is basically openstreetmap version dedicated to cyclists. There are some special icons like bicycling shops and cycling routes marked.

And please don't start discussion about best GPS receivers... to keep it simple. I do have GPS, mut it's obsolete because phones have gps today. I have used OSM in GPS, but OCM is very difficult to find and create to Garmin.


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bike nav software

Check my site under Routes...have some info there.


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I've been using mapdroyd for a while in android, it downloads maps by countries you tell it to download and store them for offline use afterwards. It's quite easy to route and its maps are taken from open street map so it's actually really good for country side areas where google maps sucks, specially in some countries with rural areas not really well known for google.

I used this app both in my small and old smartphone and in my tablet with no problems.

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What about batteries lifetime

What about batteries lifetime ? GPSes aren't obsolete from this point of view : 14 hours uninterrupted for my Garmin 62... Who says better ? Certainly not those smartphones, and they don't run on simple easy to find batteries...

About offline maps, I like Galileo on iPhone but forget about automatically downloading a full land or even sub region with any of those kind of apps : the maintainers who are hosting the maps do not allow this because of the tremendous amount of bandwidth that this kind of use generates.

About openstreetmaps, opencyclemaps and so on, there are very good options to install them on your GPS (but not on your smartphone as far as I know) with extremely satisfying results from my personal experience in East Europe.

Have a look at - -

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Indeed! Opencyclemap is very


Opencyclemap is very good map. I do have a GPS. I am able to transfer Openstreetmap to Garmin. But I haven't succeeded it with Opencyclemap. I requires lot of "hacking" (installing software, splitting maps, combining tiles with command line...). There is nowhere ready made Opencyclemaps in Garmin format (.img) for Finland, Sweden or Norway. At least I haven't found them.

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Did you try ?

Did you try ? All you've to do is install the map
For use by Basecamp and then transfer it to your GPS.

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Openfietsmap is useless here.

Openfietsmap is useless here. It is not same than OCM .

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What do you mean by "here" ?

What do you mean by "here" ? You spoke about scandinavian countries, which are comprised in those maps :

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Thank you. I'll check this

Thank you. I'll check this now!
My recently try with openfietsmaps was a fail. Only main roads were covered in Scandinavia. I downloaded it from

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Fail! Same problem again! My

Same problem again! My Legend HCX Garmin does not find gmapsupp.img if it is openfietsmap. I cannot understand the problem. Openstreetmap works ok always. Who can help?

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Haha! Finally I've found a

Haha! Finally I've found a solution. Openfietsmap is now working in my Garmin GPS. Micro sd memory card had failed! GPS refused to switch on, I removed the card and after that gps was working. I replaced card with another, and now it's working. Thank you!

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Why don't you install the

Why don't you install the maps in Basecamp and then transfer them to the GPS using the mapinstall tool ?

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I've never heard about

I've never heard about Basecamp and mapinstall. All I've needed to copy img file to Garmin is cp (simple command line program). But now I have the openfietsmaps scnadinavia in my gps!

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Oh I see. Linux guru in sight

Oh I see. Linux guru in sight :-)

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BTW, following their website,

BTW, following their website, the openfietsmap *is* based on OSM. Only the cartography is from them (and is good :-)

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my favorite navigation app is OSMAnd, you can download OSM-maps for the most of all countrys and be able to navigate offline.

It gives to Versions, a free and a payed version. The free version works fine, but you have a limitation of 10 maps for download.


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OSM on Android

You can find a free version of OSMAnd with unlimited map downloads on F-Droid.

Nogago Maps is similar to OSMAnd, it features map download for offline use too, it is also free so you can try both :)

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Maybe this is

Maybe this is useful

and here you can download the offline map

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OsmAnd is the best IMO. I use it for more than 2 years now. Most famous alternatives are OruxMaps and Locus Pro. See also

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If I may add some comments

1) I hosted a chinese guy doing Tour of the World from Shanghai. He took the old silk road ... and landed here in Geneva, then cycling to Lyon then Germany .... then fly to the USA, cycling East to West .
He told me he only use Google Map and was very happy

2) I just hosted 2 very nice korean student and one pretty korean student lady.
One landed in Copenhagen, one from London and the pretty lady landed in Istanbul.
They use OSMAND and GALILEO and Google Map.
Apparently all were very happy.

I believe it is always safer to have at least two systems ...

I also have a GARMIN Life Updater, I am not very happy. to update, it could take days !!
now, after two years, I am just unable to download any update !
Surely, they want me to buy another stuff, I WILL NEVER !

My next GPS for the car would probably be TOMTOM.

But definitely, with bicycle, there is no need to use a "real" gps.
I think smartphone is plenty enough.
What do you think ?

Thank you in advance for your comments,

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GPS in China

Some told me that not all system have proper map for China.

I think I understood that Google map in China is quite good ( relatively ... )

Any one has experiences ?

I suspect that googlemap shows only highways ... in China ?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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