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Salsa Marrakesh: (2019) --- Forced Sale

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Salsa Marrakesh: (2019) --- Forced Sale

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Salsa, Marrakesh (2019): Touring

For Sale

Sam: [email protected]


I'm asking your assistance, re-posting only, to sell my deep blue Salsa Marrakesh Bicycle (2019) which is locked in Germany by Covid-19. I'm American; I don't know all the Touring/Cycling Groups in Germany/Europe. The bicycle is in Biberach, Badder-Wertenburg, Germany.


It's too costly to ship the bicycle back to the United States, so the only option is to sell it in place. Below is the sad bicycle story about a boy and a girl and a bike; and plans ruined by a pandemic, call it: A Tale of Two Viruses. The Bicycle Classified and Photos last.


Naturally, I have all the receipts and the bicycle is in mint condition and ready to tour endlessly. It's also rigged as an urban commuter/cargo bike. It's very solid and surprisingly nimble for a strong rider. Anyone taller than 180cm would be comfortable on this bike. The bike has 5000 road miles, it's in perfect condition minus a few superficial scratches fetish stickers from the West Coast. It is a monster bike like a Cadillac; passive light system with SineWave USB Charging, and German (no-flash) taillight, AXA Frame Lock/Chain, 7 Pitlocks, Plesher Kickstand (worn), Steer-Stopper, Pass&Stow Rack System, Cateye Basic Computer, Front Handlebar Bag (worn).


The entire kit is available for sale: Ortlieb Bags with parts replaced and extras. (good condition, not embarrassingly new.) A never used insulated Nemo Air Mattress, Big Agnes UltraLight 2 Person Tent w/foot print. I don't have prices for these items.


The Sad Bicycle Story:


I'm American from Oregon, I came to Germany in Feburary 2020, with a plan to tour the Balkans with my German friend, we met on-tour in America in 2019. It was a love story.


Covid-19 laid all those plans to waste, ultimately, I was forced to return to America leaving my entire touring kit locked in Germany. Now, I have no way to recover any of it because the cost of shipping is greater than the cost of replacing everything new.


It's really heartbreaking but, I consider myself very fortunate because there are many who have suffered far greater losses. It's only stuff, right? Rationally, it's easy to understand but it's still very difficult to abandon all the years of planning and thought I invested building my bicycle. It's a torture from Dante's Inferno knowing the thing of my visions exists, in perfect condition, just beyond my reach and I have to let it go.

So, I'm asking anyone in the Touring Community, Please, help me find the right buyer for this me amplify this post. Share it and re-post it on all the Touring and Cycling boards that you know. If I can't get a fair price for the bike least......I want the feeling that my donation enables someone to find the joy of touring that I have found.

I like to think that I've contributed to the World Cycling Community by volunteering to support organized social rides and supported touring with Cycle Oregon, twenty years of volunteering in the cycling community. I've hosted riders from around the world at my home as a Warm Showers host and I have received generosity and friendship and camaraderie on the road and its this shared community value of good will that I appeal your assistance. Thanks.







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