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HELP!!! Corsica!

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HELP!!! Corsica!

Hi people,

Hope you are doing fine. I'm not :-( Decided to go on honeymoon with my wife and chose Corsica as the island that we would visit straight after Paris and a few days in Nice. Turns out that it was a mistake. I cycled the past 2 days 95 and 85 km and both days were really mountaineous. Even though the average height meters don't even look so much. Is there any way to take public transport (in whatever form) with a bike from Ajaccio-Bastia. Because otherwise it seems that the day (s) after tomorrow will be even worse and I'm literally afraid to die :-( Thanks so much for your attention and your replies.



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We took the train, but it was years ago. Maybe it's not allowed anymore.


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I wish you well. Go slow. Don't die.