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how to earn money on trip?

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how to earn money on trip?

anyone has idea how to earn money to keep pedaling on trip ?

all of us have great passion to explore the world and enjoy its beauties but lack of money always sucks !

all the recommendations and tips would be greatly appreciated .

btw : i can repair all kind of bikes so if you need any assistant in your bike shop or you need someone to repair your bike , just let me know !

best regards

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I have tried this and have

I have tried this and have heard tales of others trying to do this. Simply stated, it is a hard thing to do - foreign countries often restrict foreign labor. It is better to save up working a job in one's own country, then live simply on the road, with your main expense being grocery-market food. Good luck.

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There is a couple touring at

There is a couple touring at present from NY to CA and they are selling handmade customized necklaces for $55 or so. There are folks who have toured after lining up a job to sell their stories - but they are rare. Many cycle tourists self publish a book after major tours, however, they cannot possibly be that lucrative. A guy who toured around Australia stopped to work on a farm for a while.

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Money on the road

This will work.

Create a general bicycle blog using wordpress and your own web domain

Find online bicycle vendors that have a affiliate program and a spot in their check-out area for a promo code.

Ask bicycle vendor for your own promo code ( not a deal breaker if they say no)

Promote your blog on forums, biz cards, people you meet, banner on your bike, youtube.. Write focused quality blog posts. Example: See a $600 Thule hitch rack? Photo/Youtube it and make sure your affiliate links are nearby, but not in the users face.

There is a undeveloped market for bags/ containers for air travel, Quality wheels and tires, car bike racks.

Good Luck

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