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Touring in Nothern Europe

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Touring in Nothern Europe

Hi there,

My friends and I are looking for a nice touring route in Nothern Europe (We are especially interested by going to GB, Danemark, Norway,..). It can be either a road tour or a MTB tour! If anybody has some advices, it would be great!

Thanks a lot,

Thibaut Dachelet

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Touring in Nothern Europe

Hello Thibaut!

I went to Norway from Hambourg in July - Aug 2019 with a touring bike.
In Germany I followed the Eurovelo 12.
In Denmark I partially followed it, as well as some other bike ways. When you reach the great city of Rudbøl, you'll find a nice map that will show you all the way north!
I really appreciated following the national route 1, with some parts on the beach, in the dunes, in the forest, etc.
I took the boat to Norway from Hirtshals. If your bike need a fix before Norway, there is an amazing dude there that could help you. Look for Cykelværkstedet Hovedvejen on google maps.
The Norwegian part was truly outstanding. I began the trip in Langesund and went to Geilo and Bergen. Due to mountainous condition I was significantly slower, that less more time to see the landscapes. I had friends to visit around Odda and Bergen, so I spent most of my time in those aeras. My favorite part was the Rallarvegen, that's an old railways that is now used for bike touring. I am not sure the Rallarvegen would be that pleasant with a road bike. I finished the trip in Bergen.
For the accommodation during the I used essentially wild camping. In Denmark there is an mobile app called shelter that could help you to find places with different options: covered shelter - place to put a tent, public/private, free/not free. I used warmshower only once, in Denmark :D. In Norway you probably know there is national law stating that wild camping is allowed everywhere as long as you respect a 150m. distance with any inhabitation.

I hope my comment will help you planning your trip, don't hesitate for any question :)