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New to the site, does anybody have anything experience or advice for Switzerland?

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New to the site, does anybody have anything experience or advice for Switzerland?

Hoping for a bike tour for this approaching Fall. Thanks. 

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... experience or advice for Switzerland?

I lived there 1985-1990.  Very expensive.  Great marked bike routes.  Brouter website knows them all.  Could camp freely in the Alpen pastures.  Avoid the private campgrounds as they as wall to wall noisy caravans.  Many more marked bike paths on roads these days.  A few years ago I road from Rapperswil-Jonas / Landquart / Davos / Scoul and onwards to Dubrovnik,Croatia. Depends on your targeted destinations for advice.  Camp or hostel/hotel? It's all beautiful.

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Journey to Switzerland

Hi Alvixer,

A couple of years ago, I crossed the Swiss border from Northern Italy. I have pedaled from South to North, and headed to Liechtenstein after turning my way to the East in Andermatt. Switzerland is a wonderful country for cycletourists with its picturesque nature, high mountains, dedicated cycling paths and extraordinarily organized signing posts for travelers. I really enjoyed climbing Oberalppass, it was a life time experience to me.

It's an extremely expensive country, but we are not looking for fine dining as cyclers after all :) Supermarkets will help a lot.

If you would like to ask anything else, please feel free.



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Make sure you swim in Lake

Make sure you swim in Lake Geneva one time, no matter how cold it is! Nicest lake I have ever swam in my life!

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Hi Alvixer

Hi Alvixer

I live in Zurich, Switzerland. For different cycleroutes check out this website:

I hope you will enjoy your time here in this beautiful country. If you need some specific infos or a place to stay, don't hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes


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and if you need to do any repairs (or a second place to stay)

Hey Alvixer

I'd recommend touring along a river or into the mountains (Rhine from Lake of Constance to Schaffhausen is very beautiful, following up the small river Glatt towards Greifensee and up to the Alps, over Pragelpass for example).. but this always depends on your time and interests.

Have a nice trip (:

PS: We're living in Zurich, so if you're in need of a workshop or place to stay feel free to contact us.

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I have very little experiance in Switzerland however I was there on bike last September for a week so I thought Id let you know in case you were planning on a simular route. 

First off I'll give you short description of our route .  We were in Europe for 6 weeks (mid August to Oct 1, 2019) starting in Nantes France and finishing in San Remo Italy. We were riding a tandem and camped along the way (sometimes hotels). This roiute included entering Switzerland at Basel.  Riding to Interlaken for a few days then leaving via the train from Kanderstag to Iselle di Traquera (transit stop) in Italy.


It was beautiful!  However expensive for us Canadians.  We were only there for 7 days.  Wish we had planned a stay in Basel as it is a beautiful city with much to see.  Our main goal was Interlaken.  A very touristy city.  So much to do there that you could stay a week and still not see it all.  We rode our tandem up to Grindelwald to see the Eiger.  On the same ride we did a side trip to see the beautiful waterfalls in the valley just north of Lauterbrunnen.   This ride included some trail riding and the roads are VERY steep (I was 64 and my stoker iswas 60 and we survived) On our last day in Interlaken we took the trains up to the Eiger and then to Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe).  This is a MUST DO experiance.  It was expensive however worth every franc.  From the train you get great views of the Eiger.  But the Top of Europe was fantastic!   We caught the early train which is cheaper however this was not a problem.  Camping was very good in the places we stayed.  In Interlaken we camped at TSC Camping which also had rooms to let.  It is just across the river within walking distance of the town.There is also a co-op store there where you can buy cheaper meals/food.  .  

The train to fron Kanderstag to Italy takes you through the longest/deepest train tunnel in the world.