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berlin - riga (and further) starting 1st of july

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berlin - riga (and further) starting 1st of july

hey beautiful people, i'm about to start my first ever cycling tour on the 1st of july and i can't wait! i have never been cycling before, never even made more than 25k a day on a bike. so it's about time i guess.

the idea for now is to cycle from berlin towards riga to meet some friends there. then maybe up to estonia or directly towards the belarus-border. from there alongside the belarus-/ukraine-border down towards slowakia. crossing slowakia from east to west to climb some hills and to finish the tour there will be a bit of austria and then towards southern germany to visit my parents...

if there is anybody out there willing to join me for a ride, please let me know!


btw: i'll go for wildcamping mostly. but of course a warm shower here and there would be very welcome :)

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