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Austria - Renting a bike from Innsbruck to Wien

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Austria - Renting a bike from Innsbruck to Wien

Hello dear community,

I will be travelling across Europe from France to Russia on April - June of this year.

My girlfriend is joining me from Innsbruck to Wien, from May 1st to May 14th.

As she's coming by bus to Innsbruck & leaving by train from Wien and doesn't have a trekking bike yet, we were planning to rent a trekking bike in Innsbruck and let it in Wien.

The thing is, the rental shops we contacted in Innsbruck don't seem to offer a shuttle service or don't seem to have partner shops to take back the bikes in the capital...

Some shops in Wien can do it but apparently only along the Donauweg (Passau-Wien-Budapest) and only starting from the capital.

That's why we're calling from help or advices; do you know how we could make it to rent a bike only one way from Innsbruck to Wien for 10 days ? Do you know some shops or tourism offices that could help ?

Or maybe would it be easier and cheaper to buy a second-hand trekking bike in Innsbruck and sell it in Wien ? In this case could you recommend some places/people to do so ?

Thank you already so much for your help !

Gabriel and Anna

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Just buy a second-hand bike...

...then sell it or give it away.

I don’t really have profound knowledge about Austria, but it should be easy to use something like eBay and get a decent under- €100 bike.

Mine was €45 in Germany, can’t be too different in Osterreich ;-)

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Renting with shuttle service - don't think it works in your case

Hi Gabriel,

Renting a (good) bike in some areas of Austria difficult. Renting + shuttle service only in special areas possible. You already tried all possibilities we would suggest.
So the best way is to buy a bike. If you go to a bike shop you should get a second-hand bike with everything working for the tour.
If you want to buy private use this platform:

Greetings from Danube valley
Herbert and Michaela

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