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Turkey to Krygyzstan LEAVING SOON (post expires start of MARCH)

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Turkey to Krygyzstan LEAVING SOON (post expires start of MARCH)

Hey! I'm James! Bit of a last minute post but I'm currently in Istanbul, after haven ridden from Germany the past 4 months. Wondering if anyone is riding from Istanbul in an Eastwardly direction and would like to JOIN FORCES!

Thinking about leaving in next 1-2 weeks! (Posted on 18th February. POST EXPIRES IN MARCH) Somewhat planned route to Konya, Cappadocia -> Georgia and see how we go from there but open to suggestions

Companion Should ideally be: however they appear/choose to be!

I'm 25 yo Australian male, straight, single, mainly vegetarian, medium to Fast pace!

Hope to hear from you and happy journeys,

Stay well and vibrant,


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Safe travels, James!

Safe travels, James!

I'm thinking of the same route but currently still in Germany -- quitting my job end of March, start pedalling 1st April, but I would like to ask you some questions:

Which route did you take from Germany to Constantinople?

Any recommendations/places avoid/not to miss?

Any border issues, how was the climate?

Visa for Turkey needs to be managed ahead or in Albania or directly at the border?

Enjoy it, Asia and the real adventure starts now!! :-)


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