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Budapest cycling airport to Jewish Quarter

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Budapest cycling airport to Jewish Quarter

Hi all

we are flying long haul into Budapest in July and have accommodation in the Jewish Quarter.  What are the recommendations re cycling from airport - what are roads / traffic like and are there many cycle paths.  Feedback would be appreciated.

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The main road out of Budapest

The main road out of Budapest airport is a motorway for about 500 m. However, it does have a huge shoulder and cycling along it is tolerated. After that 500 m, you get to totally normal city roads. There is also supposedly a footpath out of the airport to the normal roads, but I have never bothered trying to find it.

The region of Budapest with the airport doesn’t have so much cycling infrastructure, but if you use your mobile phone’s map app (I would recommend or OSMAnd) with the Bicycle routing option, it should put you on very quiet roads until you get close to the city center and can stay on cycleways.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like bike paths of some sort have now been rolled out from the airport all the way to the center. See the roads marked in blue on OpenCycleMap.

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