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Do you *always* leave feedback?

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Do you *always* leave feedback?

Dear fellow cyclists,

Do you *always* leave feedback for your hosts/guests? If no, in which cases not?

I'm interested in it because I've had the second guest now already, who just doesn't want to leave feedback though everything was nice during their stay and I provided positive feedback. I am not sure on how to deal with it. When I was a guest, I *always* left feedback - and if it was only to say thank you for the nice encounter.


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Giving feedback = supporting the Warmshowers system

Hi Alexander,

This is what we are wondering about too lately. This all is not good for the WS community

We ourselves always leave feedback both as guests and as hosts and lately we started selecting guests on the basis of them giving feedback to others. Because we think feedback is not so much a thank you to the host although it is too.  But feedback is the way to sustain WS and for other guests and hosts a way to learn a lot of things. Such as - has the person which wants to become my guest ever hosted before? - does the person who wants to become my guest take a effort in maintaining the WS system etc. Helping new hosts and guests giving credibility etc. At least so it should work in theory but as you found out too, a lot of people never leave feedback.

We came across some hosts who were absolutely wonderful, which already had hosted other people but never got feedback. Also we had guests who not got feedback when they hosted or were a guest Incredible too me. Those guests were very new so they could get all the help giving them some feedback to help them getting a host on their trip. I think giving feedback is a very good way to sustain WS. But lately there are sadly too many members around who for some reason are not too much reciprocal to the WS system. Also when leaving negative or neutral feedback people are reluctant. In one case I myself left neutral feedback and got imediately repaid with tit-for-tat and got a very negative one back. Afther that the person who gave me the negative feedback left WS (...) But we also got hosted by new hosts which we gave feedback but who did not leave one for us and same thing with our guests. They all where great so the distinction between people not- or -indeed giving feedback is not a straight forward way to tell how they are ...... 

Still we started to be really specific in our profile, since we came across a growing number of guests and avertised hosts which seem not to be active or only in a way to get hosted but never host themselves nor have the intention too. Afther a long thinking that is, because we did not want to be unwelcoming or negative. And surley want to give new comers a chance. We notice more people are restricting their profiles just to try to deal with a certain type of members. So cosidering all of that, we now have writen this in our profile. Time will tell if it works or not ;-)  >>>


--- We welcome self-contained bicycle travelers for whom hotels and WS houses are a respite from the tent - not a routine. We consider WS as a beautiful way to meet and help people. With mutual contributing both at home and being a guest. The closer your WS at home is to your WS on the road. Sustaining WS like replying to requests, leaving feedback and hosting when at home. The more we welcome you! ;-) Our house = guest room for two; 1 floor space + 1 bed, both using your own sleeping bag, ( ....) ---

You say they refuse to give feedback. Did you actually ask them and did they say no? 



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Giving feedback = supporting the Warmshowers system

Thank you for your thoughts!

Yes, of course I asked them to leave feedback. First time after 2 weeks after my feedback to them. Their response was "Yes, we will when we are at home." Second time 2 months later. Reply "Ok, we will.". And now 3 months later with reply:
"You seem to be obsessed with the references, reflecting the "notation" society nowdays. This is not the obligate procedure, we all have the right to write or not a comment on a service, a warmshowers, a couchsurfing, a uber drive or anything else... But in any case, we spend a very nice night in your place and thank you again for your host!"

I understand their point that we cannot give feedback to everything in our lives - our mailboxes are full of feedback requests. I also don't give feedback to every item or service - that's impossible. However I think that Warmshowers (and also Couchsurfing) is different to Uber, Amazon or Google. Firstly, when a host opens their doors to strangers and let them stay for free and even provides meals, I think the least thing a guest can do is to leave a few words feedback. When I was a guest and didn't get feedback from my host (although I always provided positive feedback), I didn't feel in the position to complain about it. But the other way around is just impolite in my opinion. Secondly, as you stated, Warmshowers (and CS) lives from feedback/references - it wouldn't work without them:

1. Persons, who exploit the service and are always guests, but never host - even if they could.
2. Persons, who just have bad manners - be it hosts or guests. You wouldn't be able to identify them without references.
3. Persons, who are wonderful hosts, are hosting cyclists without getting references and then do a trip themselves and request a Warmshower host and get denied, because the host only accepts guests with good references. Very unfair.

I now also added the precondition in my profile, to leave feedback. Let's see whether it works out.

The only thing I have to decide now is whether I give neutral feedback to those guys reluctant to giving feedback, warning other Warmshowers hosts: "In addition to my positive feedback I want to add that XY denies to provide any feedback for his hosts, which in my opinion is not how WS works.". I think, I will do that.


EDIT: Also read the official statement regarding feedback: "The entire Warmshowers community depends on your feedback about other members." -

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Yes, I would communicate in

Yes, I would communicate in your feedback that even though you asked for feedback, the cyclists did not leave it.

I had a woman request to stay once.  She left 8 feedbacks but only recieved 2.  I wrote the 6 users and asked if she was OK and if there was a reason they did not leave feedback.  The 6 responded saying basically the reason they didn't respond was that they were just "lazy".  How hard is it to just type.  "Good guest.  Would recommend"?

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Totally agree

Ken, I totally agree with you.  It takes less than 2 minutes to log on and write a short review.  Tailwind, John

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I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you on all of that Alexander.
For us being so firmly in our bio, is also because in this way we try to send the message. Good luck and be welcome when around ;-) 

And to compare giving feedback to a warmshower hosts with a commercial hosts is completely out of line in my opinion. 

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Yes, always

I always give feedback.  However, when I decide whether to accept someone or not, part of the review is whether the potential guest has left review also.  I am more likely not to accept them if I see they have stayed with people numerous times but have not left feedback. Tailwinds, John

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I tell my guests and hosts

I tell my guests and hosts that the only metric WS knows how many hospitality exchanges there are is through the number of feedback given.  If giving feedback is the "cost" of staying with someone, I think this is still a value!

If I have a potential guest contact me, and I see they have been given much feedback, but never left any, I may choose to not host them.  I certainly have enough positive feedback to make me a valid WS user, so it's not that I need it... I have also chosen to not contact a host based on their feedback.  If it sounds like I would not feel comfortable, I choose to avoid the experience.  Feedback is how we communicate to other users.  The feedback is for the organization and community, not just me!

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I have almost never left

I have almost never left feedback for my guests, and only a minority of my guests have left feedback for me. Who cares. Guests or hosts should feel like old friends, and to me it has always felt odd to rate friends like they were an Uber driver or a restaurant. And I have already done my part for hospitality exchange by giving guests my home and my time, so once the guest leaves, I don’t want anyone expecting any more from me.

Also, for well over a decade WS had no feedback system at all (until Randy bolted it onto the website) and it worked just fine, and some of the most reliable hospitality exchange networks, with the least drama, still lack any feedback system at all.

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I don't always leave feedback

I always leave feedback when the member does not have any feedback yet. I also always leave feedback when I am the guest.

When I am the host, I now usually wait until the guest leaves feedback. Yet another reference does not add much to my profile, but I may ask the first guest of the season to write one, just so that my profile page shows that I am still an active host.