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Torino to Barcelona

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Torino to Barcelona

Hello Warmshowers hosts! My name is Kevin McCarley and I am from Alabama USA. With my good friend Guilherme Vancura (from Brazil) we are biking from Torino Italy to Barcelona, I started Aug 31st. This has been a dream adventure for us, we are not athletes, just regular guys doing a dream. We have camped, Couchsurfing and used Warmshowers only twice. We will be in Barcelona this weekend and would love very much to find a host for two nights maybe 3 if possible, we are currently in Colera today heading toward Girona. We hope to be in Barcelona Thursday or Friday. We want to know the city and to know our host. This will be the grand finale to our big trek and hope to make it special! Please read my profile, Im an active host in the USA. We both are fun and enthusiastic guys andcwe speak Eng, Spanish, and Portuguese. Please consider us� Sincerely, Kevin

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