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Finland route question

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Finland route question

We will be biking from Ylamaa to Lapeenranta. Does anyone know if route # 3864 is ok to bike on? 

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Ylämaa to Lappeenranta

Hi, I have never travelled on those roads but I live in Finland and it looks like quite peaceful road to cycle. I just looked on google maps and the bit I zoomed in on looked like good dirt road. There are 2 other alternatives a bit further East. The 387 from Ylämaa to Lappeenranta is 5km less and looks like peaceful well paved road. There is another small dirt road which braches off the 3864 about 9km after Ylämaa. Hope this helps. How long you in Finland ? Are you going North to see Autumn leaves or heading back South to were it is still Summer ?

Enjoy your ride,

Jim Fullwood.

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