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companions for riding/sag

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companions for riding/sag

This is well in advance, but for the future, meaning after January of 2020, my wife and I are interested in touring areas of the U.S. with another couple who would share riding and sagging with our van or yours. We can get 4 bikes, 4 people and luggage in our van by removing front wheels if needed.My wife will be buying an e bike so she can ride and sag as much as she wants. I'm a roadie who went coast to coast with 2 friends and a dedicated sag driver. I'm a fairly strong rider, but at age 73, I have no interest in tent camping. Motels, warm showers, and cabins would be my preference. Mileage would vary according to sites to see. I would think 50 + miles per day would be average. The sag option makes a trip very flexible. We have done many week long tours and there is still plenty to see. Anyone interested?

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