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Getting a Cardboard box in Constanta (romania)

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Getting a Cardboard box in Constanta (romania)

Hi everybody!

In september a friend an I are going to cycle from Germany to Constanta in Romania.

To transport our bike in a bus on the way back home, we will need two big cardboard boxes.
Does anybody know, if the bikeshops or decathlon have them in stock?

Thanks for help!

Maria :)

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Unlike in certain other

Unlike in certain other countries, Decathlon in Romania usually does not give out cardboard. I think that Decathlon RO sells the cardboard to recyclers. So, my advice would be to ring a few bike shops.

Even if you do not manage to find a real bike box, you can ask at a hypermarket for a few large boxes, and then you can cut them, wrapped them around your bike, and tape them. That works fine for a single journey.

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