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Two suggestions

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Two suggestions

If one I could filter hosts that have been active recently. and two  away to save hosts that I would likely contact along the way.

I research these but have to start over when I get close.





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Host suggestions

It might be something to consider for Warmshowers to place two option buttons in with every request for the host to choose.  "I'm interested in hosting you" and "Sorry, that doesn't work for us."   No muss, no fuss.  This would help so many riders, giving them time to research other options.  I still don't understand a host not answering a request from another member.  Upbringing?

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"I still don't understand a

"I still don't understand a host not answering a request from another member. Upbringing?"

I wouldn’t blame "upbringing", because not responding cuts across nearly all age groups and backgrounds.

One reason that people do not respond is because WS notifications go to members’ e-mail. First of all, WS has suffered for years from a bug by which those e-mail notifications were not making it to many users’ inboxes. Unless WS hosts logged into the website and checked their messages there, they simply are not aware that a cyclist sent them a request. Of course, in the modern era when online activity is dominated by a handful of walled-garden social networks, people log into third-party websites like WarmShowers only infrequently.

Secondly, even if the WS request actually reaches people’s inboxes, a considerable portion of internet users no longer check their e-mail on any regular basis – they are used to doing all their communication over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

So, a big help to boosting reply rates would be rolling out a new and official WS app. That way, people would automatically get a notification on their phones when someone makes a request.

Allowing members to put their mobile phone numbers on their profiles again would also help, since members who might not receive a WS request through the site might still respond immediately to an SMS. However, that feature was sadly removed, citing “safety”.

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Christopher, if I understand you correctly, it's hit or miss if the request is going to get to the host via email, almost never will they go to their inbox, and WS is no longer putting up cell numbers.  So what are we doing here?

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Phone numbers invisible on mobile

It is allowed to put mobile phone numbers on one's profile. Problem is that that column of the profile is invisible on web browsers on mobile phones. At least in Chrome on android with the size settings that I use. Same for coordinates and address.  And especially responsiveness!

I am only expressing factual information here. I won't write what I think of this, because that might get me banned from the site.

Edit: Ah, the phone number is there, but all the way at the end of the profile page, below feedback.

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Web site not mobile friendly

As Pieter found out, the web site is just not mobile device friendly, which is tragic.    I tried the web site from my android device recently.  You have to scroll through lots of garbage to find the login button.  Once you log in, it brings you to your page which first asks for a donation, but the message is only partially displayed.  Once you get rid of that, your profile comes up with your names overwriting other information.    It's not obvious that to get to the map you have to select the search option in the menu.  It's not particularly usable from a mobile device, since it is not designed in a mobile friendly layout, not to mention the amount of mobile data it is using displaying information that is irrelevant for a touring cyclist.

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I agree � 

I agree � 

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