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Berlin to Bratislava - fastest route

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Berlin to Bratislava - fastest route

Hi everyone
Looking for some help with the fastest route Berlin to Bratislava

I just realized I'm in a bit of a problem. I just started a cycling trip that starts in Romania and will take me through:
Miskolc HU - Kosice SK - Poprad SK - Krakow PL - Katowice PL - Lodz PL - Warszawa PL - Torun PL - Poznan PL - Berlin DE (just a few of the towns I jotted down to give myself an idea. i don't necessarily stick to the exact plan). I'll be taking part in a kayaking trip with some friends from Warsaw, so I'll arrive rather late in Berlin. Since that was the case, I accepted a friends offer to join them in a short outing in Norway (I love that country). We'll fly there on August 2nd, and back on August 6th. And that's where my problem lies. Or rather it's source. I really really want to be in Bucharest by August 28th the latest. I have tickets to see Roger Water's concert - The Wall. Since I can only leave Berlin the morning of August 7th the earliest, I have a time issue. i'm not a very experienced cyclist, nor am i that physically fit. Last year i went on my first proper tour (Spain to Romania, via France, Switzerland, Bavaria then the Austrian donauradweg, then crossing the Hungarian plains to Romania), some 5000km, and I averaged a little under 100km per day (a large part of my trip was on rather flat terrain). Taking this experience into consideration, I realized I'll be cutting it very close. I might make it or not to Bucharest on time. I already figured what the last part of my return trip should be (from Bratislava to Bucharest) in order to optimize my time, but I'm not sure how to streamline the first part of the return. Berlin to Bratislava. And I don't have the time now to do too much research on the subject, so here I am asking for your help. Wow, I wrote a lot :). Anyway, the question:

What do you suppose would be the fastest way to cycle from Berlin to Bratislava? So far, I only see two major options:
1) Go south from Berlin, towards Regensburg, then join the Donauradweg there, and stay more or less on it the whole way to Bratislava (this is a rather long option, as the Donauradweg twists and turns with the Danube, plus I'm not sure how fast I can get to Regensburg, nor which way to go)
2) Go to Dresden, then stay on the river Elbe all the way to Prague, then make my way, probably through Brno, to Bratislava.
What do you think the best option is? Any thought / hints / ideas about either route? Any suggestions for a different approach?

Any help you could provide with the subject is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Looking forward to any reply