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Looking for a cycling buddy in Victoria

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Looking for a cycling buddy in Victoria

I would love to do some 2-6 day trips ( camping/ warm showers) starting in Victoria going to Olympic Peninsula, the Gulf Islands or around Seattle. max 140km a day

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Vancouver Island

HI Ellen,

I been thinking about cycling Vancouver Island from Sidney. Do you having any experience riding the roads on the island. Any must see natural scenery? 

I've done Victoria to Olympic peninsula. Once on the peninsula I would recommend riding the adventure discovery trail going east to west. It was a fun ride, good scenery, nice views, mostly under the forster canopy so nice shade, plenty of spring water scources (so no need to haul a ton of heavy water), some asscents but more decents (east to west). Let me know I might be able to send you my gpx route.

When do you plan on doing the trip? Or if you haven't done Vancouver Island maybe we can coordinate a two day trip. 



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