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potential tourrr

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potential tourrr



I'm an American 22 year old teaching Kindergarten in southern Thailand for one or two semesters, depending on how long I stay, teach and save a little $$ for. Whenver I'm done teaching either in the fall or early 2020 I want to do some sort of tour for sure but don't want to alone- i've only done one tour before with my best friend down the US pacific. I'm not sure exactly what I have in mind but definitly something major through a lot of asia and maybe all the way to spain if I can get that far. open to ideas!! LMK if you are interested. BTW im really out of shape right now and a slow tourer regardless.!!

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Trip S. America? :P

Hello!! I also want to make a trip for next year and organize it well. I would like to come here in South America starting with Brazil or maybe only for three months but in Europe. Maybe you or someone else is interested in the idea.

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