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Paris . Transporting bicycles from airport to city centre

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Paris . Transporting bicycles from airport to city centre

Hi Warmshowers Family

We are an Australian couple planning to cycle the EuroVelo 6 in September.

Were flying into Charles DeGaulle and are unsure about the best way of getting from the airport to the city centre with our bikes. We don’t feel comfortable about riding the bikes out of the airport.

We’ve heard that we can travel into Paris on the train with our bikes. Our plan would be to unpack and assemble the bikes at the airport and then travel with the completely assembled bikes on a train to the city centre. 

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated 

Rick and Sharon


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Train from Charles DeGaulle

On 5 June 2019 my friend and I am travelling from CDG to Dijon... and not planning to unpack bikes...

We may also be packing up our bikes in Paris, the catching the train to CDG to come home 23 June.

Watch this space...

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Train from Charles DeGaulle

Thanks. Will appreciate a follow up

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Bike in RER

Dans le RER, vous pouvez transporter votre vélo :
- les samedis, dimanches et jours fériés toute la journée,
- les autres jours avant 6h30, entre 9h et 16h30, puis après 19h.

Vous devez placer celui-ci sur l’une des plateformes signalées à l’aide du pictogramme suivant :


Yes you can take your bike in RER going from CDG 

On Saturday and Sunday 

And out if the peak times 

Before 6h30 AM 

Between 9abd 16h30 

And after 19h 

You must pust the bikes in wagon with logo 


I suggest you to travel on Sunday 

Maybe it is less crowded 

It will be not always easy as there is often no lift to access our exit  plateforme 

Be careful you cannot take bike in metro .bus or tram 





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bikes from cdg to paris down town

We did the EU6 to Budapest in 2012, We had a breakdown TRandem in two cases and were able to carry those on the train but it was tricky at the turnstyle where you enter. We did not assemble the bike untill we were downtown. 

They way we went... it would not have been impossible to take a fully assembled single with us. We boarded like normal passengers . I read the other response about looking for a carriage that accepts bikes... There are special cars on many of the trains we roide in France that accomodate bikes so that must be what they refer too. We didn't use them out of CDG because the bike was still in a case.. We arrived very late and the train was mostly empty, that does help alot.

The EU6 was fantastic, we had a great ride to Budapest. 


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