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Madrid --> Paris (avoiding the traffic)

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Madrid --> Paris (avoiding the traffic)

Hi everyone,

I've been invited to a very important event in Paris on the 15th May and the plane tickets just skyrocketed "surprinsingly" after only 24 hours of tentatively looking at their prices, so...I guess it's time for a little 1.500 kms ride and back! :-D

Google Maps offers me what seems a perfec straight line avoiding highways and tolls (and ferries) and difficulty-wise it seems there's only a little climb crossing the Pyrinees and then it's all FLAT until paris...but I was wondering if anyone here at WS has knowledge of a better route --and by "better" I mean more countryside, less traffic, more small villages and avoiding big cities completely, more mountains and rivers, you know, the Good Stuff that makes bike-touring a blissful joy...of course maintaining the CAP heading towards Paris  ;-)

Looking at the famous Eurovelo map, I see there's the possibility of joining Euro3 route from Vitoria all the way to Paris, but it seems it's not a straight line (lots of extra Kms) and I really don't know about the conditions of the Eurovelo all tarmac/asphalt or the opposite?

This time I will be touring with a road-bike or race-bike, one of those classical beauties with very thin flat tyres, so no gravel or back country tracks unfortunately I have to look for asphalt but with as little traffic as possible :*-(

Anyone has done anything similar? More or less how much time should I plan to be in Paris on the 15th May, 15 days?

Needless to say, I love camping but I might contact some WS hosts along the way just to say hi!  :-D


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Google map

When I have a look on Google map I read Madrid Paris 1289 km un 3 days ???? 

I cannot do that it is more than 400 in a day 

So I m very suspicious about it 

Maybe I m too old but when I travel it is arounf 60km per days long term travelling

( with visit and rest day) 

Even if you do 100 per days EVERY day  it it around 13 days 








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Ha!  :-)

Thank you for your response, Marie (or Philippe)  :-)

Google Maps is a computer that just calculates the approximate time it takes on a bicycle to pedal a certain distance, with a mathematical formula.

For 1.250 kms by bicycle it says "70 hours" which is a little bit less than 3 days, but of course it is not counting the time for resting, eating, going to the toilet, sleeping!! or just stopping to take a picture or have a nice siesta under a tree.  It just means it takes 70 hours of pedalling to cover that distance, which is roughly a 17,8 km/h speed on average.

So yes, I was thinking like you something like 13 days...doing maybe 80-100 kms per day, so perhaps I will leave Madrid on the 1st or 2nd of May to have enough days to arrive comfortably in Paris by the 15th  :-)

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Maybe you can also take train

Maybe you can also take train maybe from the last part 

It will be probably easier and nicier to avoid the suburbs with heavy traffic ( all roads ) 

If you are in a hurry you can take it from orleans 




In regional train TER you can take your bike for free 


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It's a great idea!  Thank you

It's a great idea!  Thank you  :-)

Looking at the TER map, the last 60 kms from Ètampes I can already jump into a TER train with my bicycle.  Any idea how much a ticket can cost?

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Train ticket

From Etampes look at this web site because it is consider as great Paris Area 


From further as orleans look at

For ex orleans Paris is 21 euros 



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That's great and not as

That's great and not as expensive as I thought :-)

Still I'm thinking if I can find a nice route without traffic it would be much nicer --and romantic-- to arrive to Champs Elysées with my bike having pedalled all the way from Madrid, hehehe.
I will decide depending on the roads and the outskirts of the big city when I'm there on the last day.

Thank you very much for the information and for your help, Marie / Philippe

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