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first hosting experience

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first hosting experience

Two guys stayed with us last night. It was a very pleasant experience! Look forward to hosting again. Thanks Andrew and Greg.

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Great, but...

That's great, Gary. Good to hear! We had that great first experience recently as well with guests from France. But to be honest, this is maybe more something to post on their wall instead of creating a forum post for this I guess...

Regards, Martin

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My first hosting experience

I have just completed my first hosting experience. It didn't end soon enough. I do not have an assistant to help me in the house. The fellow did nothing, didn't even offer to help with the cooking, sat on the internet the last two days while I prepared everything and he even then criticised my cooking; I also thought that he was arrogant.
Fortunately, I am aware that most people are not like this and will host others.
Guests, take cognisance of your hosts environment and help; they do not run a hotel otherwise you would be paying for the service.

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Always leave feedback + Be clear about your expectations

Hi Peter,

Unfortunate to hear about that experience. As you say yourself though most guests are not like that. Just give it another try to convince yourself. More important: always leave feedback about a guest (the sooner the better) as this helps other hosts to decide whether they want to host someone or not.

There have been more posts on this topic in the past of course. Through a recent forum post ( you can access some articles. As one of the responders says: "Be clear about your expectations" and "Always check for feedback before hosting someone. The feedback system can be very effective at identifying and weeding out the 'bad apples' and your etiquette guide should encourage everyone -cyclists and hosts alike- to provide honest feedback for every stay".

It can be of course that someone is new to WS or that there is no feedback available yet. Then you need to trust your feelings (although also that can be hard of course if you do not know much). This forum post is about that:

You can still be clear though about your expectations and if the experience is negative, just let the guest know that it is time for him/her to leave (or maybe the behaviour was not intended and it gives the guest time to show another attitude)...

Finally I think it is important that someone has taken the time to write something about him/herself on the profile. Even if it is just a short text. If not that does say something about someone...

Regards, Martin

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Martin, Thanks for your

Thanks for your feedback, it is most appreciated and has been noted.

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First hosting experience

Hi there, we just had our first hosting experience and it was AWESOME! Our guest, Jai, joined us in our everyday activities and also cooked a beautiful meal for us. We can't wait to do it again. I'm so glad we were recommended to this site and I will be telling my friends about it too.

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