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Partner from Istanbul to France departure 16 august 2013

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Partner from Istanbul to France departure 16 august 2013

I'm fabrice, 31 year old, french biker. I'll land the 16 august in Istanbul. I want ride toward France but I'm currently no idea witch itinerary I'll take. I'll probably take 2 months for that (before winter) and follow the south coast until Croatia then go to Austria, Germany and France.
So, I'm looking for some traveller pedalling in this way but open for all tracks.

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Hi fabrice

I am planing to cycling from Istanbul to Paris on MAY'2014
Can you share your rout for me? because this first International trip
I ll have schenken visa 90 day,Turkey don't want visa from me.

Thank you
Wikij Langkhong
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Hi folks, two years ago we

Hi folks,
two years ago we started a cycling-tour in Istanbul - more precisely in Tekirdag, where we took a ferry to. Then we cycled to the greek border, to Tessaloniki, then up to the north: Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro until Croatia. There the time we had was over and we took a train back home to Freiburg.
We wrote a blog, sorry, only in German:
If you need more information, just contact us or "Stefan Auchter" ;-)

Greetings, Ellen

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