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Paso International Rio Manso: Argentina/Chile

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Paso International Rio Manso: Argentina/Chile

Hi dear community! Does anybody crossed the andes through the Paso Rio Manso from Argentina and continued riding to Chile or viceversa? We'd like to know if it's possible to make it with a full loaded pannier set up as it has no road, just a trail. Thanks a lot!


Félix and Babun.


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I crossed with my pannier

I crossed with my pannier-loaded bike from Chile to Argentina recently at the Rio Puelo border crossing just south of Río Manso. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life: after the road ended, there were 20 kilometers of very difficult trekking trail where I had to push and carry the bike, because the trail was too full of large stones to cycle. I often had to detach the panniers, walk ahead with them, leave them on the ground, and then return for the bike. Only someone with a bikepacking setup (tent and sleeping bag only) and a lightweight frame could realistically cross there, and by carrying the bike on his shoulders for most of the way.

The Río Manso crossing involves an even longer hike with the bike. There is a YouTube video with some footage of the trail by Argentinian cyclists who did it (without panniers): it looks rough, just as bad as at Río Puelo. I would not recommend it.

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