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For sale VSF Tx400 52cm in Greece

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For sale VSF Tx400 52cm in Greece

I've decided to sell my beloved bike to continue my trip by foot. The bike has seen a lot of use in the last 5 years or so, about 30.000km. It will come with ortlieb panniers and front bag (a lot of use but still completely waterproof after some small repairs) brooks saddle, DD camping hammock including homemade dyneema slings, a bunch of tools to do most repairs, spare tubes and brake pads, full bottle of chain lube and thread locker, extra spokes and basic cycle computer. Basically just about everything you need to go on a serious tour. 

The drivetrain has been on for over 10.000km and comes with an extra chain (I switch every 2000km and replace the whole drivetrain when the chains are worn out). The rear brake I replaced with a Chinese vbrake which (sorry magura) I prefer. The front brake is still magura hydraulic rim which I bleed with water instead of oil. It still has the hub dynamo and lights which are great. BB is the cheapest alivio which is starting to show some play by hand but not noticeable while riding yet. The headset is still good. The cone in the rear wheel is okay but probably needs to be replaced but you might want to wear out the wheel then replace it all in one go (my original intention). Both wheels are true and haven't had any spokes break. The tubus racks have the paint scratched off at the points where it rubs against the panniers. Both mudguards have had some repair jobs but are good and sturdy. The only sounds you will hear are the tires on the road. Both tires are marathon mondials with the front still original and the back having about 13.000km. I reckon you can get another 10k out of them before replacing.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. The bike has been like a baby to me and I've always taken good care of it and its always been good to me too so I hope it falls in the hands of someone who treats her well.

I am staying around Kalamata in south Greece till spring time. I'm living a bit in the bush so you have to be a little patient to receive a reply. If you are interested in it I will send you pictures.

My wish is to get 500 Euros for the whole package which is not noticeable.

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