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Western Express Touring

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Western Express Touring

I will be touring on the western express, I have extensive touring experience on the east coast and in the midwest. I have a question though on the WE i'm wondering if anyone has just (Stealth) camped in the middle of the desert and how you did is successfully.



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Western express

I did the WE in 2011. Camped solo in late July and early august. I think 87 miles was the longest stretch without services. Take enough water and you should be fine. It was great.

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Stealth Camping WE

We did not at all, it was to hard with out water later year. So hot every day with no way to get water between towns. I dont think it would be hard though....There a a few Warmshowers that are great along the way there though and it does not hurt to call the Town Hall or Police in town before hand to see if there is a place to camp in town for free.

WARNING: Some town were having trouble with contaminated water later year, so ask around.

But it was really great other then that!

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