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*** Balkans *** With a trailer from Greece to Zagreb

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*** Balkans *** With a trailer from Greece to Zagreb


24th of October I am boarding a ferry from Samos island to Kavala, final destination Zagreb. As I am in a hurry (and it is my first long-distance ride, with a damn heavy trailer on the hitch) I will be trying to mix transport means, as follows:

  1. From Kavala to Drama: bike
  2. Drama --> Thessaloniki: train
  3. Thessaloniki --> Gevgelija: bike (2 days)
  4. Gevgelija --> Skopje: train
  5. Skopje --> Preszevo: bike (+ longer stay, hopefully)
  6. Preszevo --> Beograd: train
  7. Beograd --> Tovarnik: bike (2-3 days + longer stay someplace)
  8. Tovarnik --> Zagreb: train.

Your comments, inputs and advices will be highly appreciated.

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