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Highlights near Lisbon, Portugal?

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Highlights near Lisbon, Portugal?

We won't have much time for cycle touring next year, so I'm trying to cram a 7-10 day tour in April-May time, doing max 100k/day. Thinking of flying to Lisbon and hiring bikes. Does anyone have any experience of touring Portugal? And what were your highlights - any recommendations? We could also fly into Porto or Faro if there are more interesting (preferably less busy places) nearby. Any hints much appreciated! 

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Suggest Portugal

Hi Isabel, I've spent one month cycling in Portugal. From Porto to Villa Real de Santo Antônio. My suggestion, Go to Algarve. Very beautiful landascape, good wheater, only 4 hours from Lisbon by a regional train that accept bike (when you buy on the app you news to select the bike option). The Ecovia litoral do Algarve (more than 200km) is  part of Eurovelo 1, and you may fins detailed information in the eurovelo website. Others two place I really like are Ecovia Atlantica, but only 63km starting at praia do osso da Baleia and also the way between praia de Mira and Aveiro. Keep in mind that around Lisbon are very hilly and no traffic Free path. For another Quick Ride try Lisbon to Cascais.


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Suggest Portugal

Olá Isabel

Yes, Algarve is where you should go. With time not on your side, one area only. That way you see more, rather than race between overnight stops.
Eurovelo 1 on the west coast south of Lisbon is not every touring cyclist's favourite - often very rough and poorly signposted.
The Ecovia Litoral following more or less the south coast has good and not so good sections, and better signace, well not always.

Suggest you go to for excellent info.

Good luck.

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North of Portugal

Hello Isabel,

We did the coastline of Portugal last July and it was nice. You have to know that the drivers over there are not always courteous with cyclists, but if you are used to cycle on the road, it´s ok.

I really enjoyed the north of Porto. I think it was one of my favorite cycling ride ! The road between Viana do Castelo and Vigo (Espana) is really gorgeous !! But it´s a bit far from Lisbon, I admit.

The north of Lisbon is not too bad but it´s bit crowded, with lots of houses. It´s better after Nazare and north of it.

We didn´t go to Algrave, so maybe it´s the best choice for you if you want to stay closer to Lisbon. But if you prefer going up north, do not hesitate to ask for more information !


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