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What Currency and How in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand? and visas...

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What Currency and How in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand? and visas...

Like the previous poster i am confused about the visa situation... We want to cycle from Thailand across the O Smach land border into Cambodia, then later across into Laos at Stung Treng, then back into Thailand at the Pakse crossing... Can we get visas at the border or do we have to get them beforehand..? We are from the UK. 

With money - we will be mostly in rural areas not big towns, so should we take plenty of small denomination in dollars? or would we be able to change travellers cheques or Sterling? Also it seems cashpoints are mostly in the big towns,, should we use them if and when we can or not? Do we need to ensure we have cash to cover everything, i assume a card will not be too useful..! We are camping so will not be much in towns unless there's something awesiome to visit.  Our Thai friend is definite about camping but vague about cash...!

Any advice gratefully received!


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Hi there!. My info is few
Hi there!. My info is few years old so pleae recheck. Border crossings are relatively easy. To cambodia  and Laos it was on arrival (50us$?i in cash) plus in most places the immigration ask for "xtra' fees that goin  to their pocket. When I crossed to Cambodia it was $5 US but they take local currency i,e Baht too. In Laos it was just $1. Sometimes they demand exit fees too but that is easier to resist. Beware crossing back to thailand most nationalities only get 15 days visa.
In Thailand plenty of ATMs. In Laos too but only in larger towns.In Cambodia from memory it was money changers.The ATM charge Access fees so withdrowing small amounts is not practical. My impression was that they all prefer US$ Prety sure TC are no go.. So small US notes will be handy but have Larger notes for Visa. I vaigly remember that you could also pay  for visa in Euro
For travel in Laos search for Hobo maps realy liked those when there.
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