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Southeast Asia tourist Visas

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Southeast Asia tourist Visas

Hi folks,


My husband and I are planning a trip to Southeast Asia this winter, and I have a couple questions I was hoping you could help me with. Here's the scheme: We want to fly into Hanoi, ride north into Laos, and then into Thailand.. ultimately ending up in Bangkok (probably). 

I'm a little confused about the visa situation here (we're from the U.S.). Looks like I can apply for a 30-day visa online to travel in Vietnam, then get a visa on arrival for a 30-day visit in Laos. But I'm finding conflicting information about Thailand.. The US Department of State website says that you can get a 30-day visa on arrival to Thailand, but the Thai government website says that only applies if you fly into the country. If you're arriving by land it says you only get 15 days..  I don't mind applying for our visas ahead of time, but apparently you need to have documentation of a flight coming into Thailand and a flight leaving the country. We'll be arriving by land, so we won't have that information. 

Have any of you traveled to Thailand on your bikes (from Laos or another neighboring country)? Did you apply for your visas before you arrived, or were you able to get a 30-day visa when you got there? 



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Yes it was 15 days if you

Yes it was 15 days if you enter by land for most nationalities . You can extend infor a fee  most big towns or as I did just crossed to Laos and back on same day. You will need pay the Laos visa. On this website they say it was changed now to 30 days so please double check

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I have entered Thailand by

I have entered Thailand by bicycle from Laos twice, Cambodia twice and Malaysia twice in the last two years. I am English but I think the same will apply to Americans. 30 day visa on arrival no problem and no questions. The last time I did this was a month ago. I have just re-entered Malaysia, today from Thailand. Visit the Muslim south if you can it is wonderful. 

I have been touring in SE Asia non-stop for the last two n half years. Feel free to message me if you any other help.


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