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biking in Romania

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biking in Romania


me and my boyfriend are planning to visit Romania in 2 weeks - we consider biking in Transalpina, and then up to Maramuresz - and - if time - bike to Carpathian area and the painted churches (Iasi and surroundings)..We only have 2 weeks, meaning 12 days of biking (or a bit less, depending on the trains), so we assume 1000 km should be doable. 

We are looking for any suggestions and recommendations of the routes in that areas, as well as camping experiences and recommendations :-) Would be also great if anyone shared their experience about travelling by train in Romania - we found some worrying information that the (inter)regional trains do not accept bikes - is that true? 

Greetings for all and thank you in advance,



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Last summer I spent 10 days

Last summer I spent 10 days on a bike in Maramures and Bukovina regions in Romania. Biking in this country was a great pleasure - amazing nature, interesting places to visit (wooden churches in Maramures, painted churches in Bukovina), mountain train Mocanita, friendly people. We had a tent, but there was no need to camp. Every night we managed to find cheap and mostly comfortable accomodation. We have also travelled by train over 100 km and no one banned us to take two bikes to train, we put them in the last carriage, at the end of the train. I think that your assumption of biking 100 km every day is a bit too optimistic. Romania is a hilly country.

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In two weeks the Transalpina

In two weeks the Transalpina will still be open, but it will be cold on top. Rain is common. So, have warm clothing and a dependably waterproof jacket. For more on the Transalpina, read my guide.

For taking a bike on a Romanian train, I wrote a guide about that too.

12 days should be OK, but it is a tight schedule if you plan to cross the Carpathians twice.

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