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Tajikistan attack

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Tajikistan attack

Shocking news from Tajikistan today on the murder of four cyclists south of Dushanbe yesterday:

My heartfelt condolences to their family and friends.



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Very sad news! ((

Very sad news! ((

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Tajikistan Murders

We are a community of 100,000+ cycle tourists from all over the world.  These were our sisters and brothers who were killed and injured in a rural setting of Tajikistan.  This could have been any of us, anywhere.  I’m devastated by their loss, the nature of the event, and the video of their murders.  Is there something we can do as individuals, or as to show our support and sympathy to the victims and their families?


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I agree Robert - there must

I agree Robert - there must be something we can do as a community to demonstrate our support and solidarity. Clearly there will be both immediate needs and long-term needs relating to those killed and those injured. I suppose the obvious one would be to set up an online fundraising page that could then be distributed to those involved. I wonder does anyone have experience with this in WS?

I see the names of those involved have been released now, for example, see .

They all appear to have been members of Warmshowers too.

All the best


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Glad to notice that...

Glad to notice that WS- moderators removed the recent political colored, inappropriate reaction of a WS-member about this topic.

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This Loss is Shared Across the Globe

We are all feeling the loss of our cycling brothers and sisters during these enormous tragedies.

People who cycle the world choose to embrace and celebrate the differences amongst us.  Warmshowers members become hosts because they want to welcome the world at their doorstep.  WE ARE GOODWILL AMBASSADORS.  We travel the world in peace, only to challenge headwinds and mountain passes, and to cherish the moments shared with others.  Let us all honor the six recent cyclists who were killed by continuing to be goodwill ambassadors to the world.

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