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picky guests

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picky guests

Often i received people that wote me "have you space in your garden to put the tent, we are easygoing people".
And when they artrive and got a private room with just a very minor "inconvenience" complain an leave.
The inconveninence is that one of the side of the room is not a brick and mortar wall, but a movabe wood wall so the two adjacent room can be made as a single big one.
so if there is someone talking loudly in the adjacent room you can hear it.

The adjacent room however is the dining room, so after 2230 it is empty, well had people that refused it.

So what to do with this people ?

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I don't know what you can do

I don't know what you can do except let them go.   They would probably complain about other things if they stayed.  Perhaps tell potential travelers that the room is noisy until 22:30 (10:30PM) or later and they can decide in advance if they want to accept that.   As I age, I fall asleep early and sleep poorly, and perhaps they too want it quiet early.   

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of courle I left them go,

of courle I left them go, they were correct giving a small contribute for the food (that since had been already prepared and put on the tables when they told that would not stay could not go for next day).
But looked strange about the "noisy" room: after all they told that wated to sleep since next day should have ride from 630, when all the other 5 people present expected to leave before 610 and 0700 so all had interest in sleeping, and after dinner would be quiet (I have stayed on room on **** hotel that were noiseir than that one !).

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Be clear

 Be clear in your profile what kind of host you are, what kind of "inconveniences" your guests may experience at your place. That prevents a lot of disappointments on both sides. Although spoiled, demanding, picky, narrow-minded people always can find a small detail to complain of...

I mentioned in my profile the fact that in my backyard live loud-croaking frogs in summer. Some love them, others eat their legs and many other hate their noise!

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Perhaps it has to do with you

Perhaps it has to do with you providing them with a room, instead of what they ask for, which is space in your garden to put up their tent.

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I see nowhere on his profile

I see nowhere on his profile which states that he offers a garden to pitch a tent. I guess the guest could have read his profile and noticed that, or Leo could have informed that. It cannot be so easy hosting in such a huge tourist destination. I admire him for still doing it. And why would WS be any different from life in general - some people are easy going and relaxed, others are not so.

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I thin that, as other people

I thin that, as other people did, they wrote that a space in the garden to put a tent wpuld have been sufficient, just to be sympatethic.  Actually I do not have a garden, baut in the balcony from beginning of june to mid september (some years also into october) I have put two tents, one of which is permanently in use by me, since is cooler outsde than inside, and the other one was already occupied. It is not the first time people complain becuse other guests have got a better accommodation (that is subjective, for example the small ugly single room is the one that get more second time guests asking that very space ...) but it is the first time i have guest complaining for the theorethical possibility of having some noise from adjacent room.

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