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Pacific Coast Trail limited access between San Clemente and San Diego

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Pacific Coast Trail limited access between San Clemente and San Diego

I received this notice from the San Diego Bike Coalition.   The only alterntive to get through this area is to use the train, which allows bikes on board.


Beginning October 1, 2018, all cyclists who wish to access the cycling route at Camp Pendleton will be required to register with the new Department of Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) before they enter the base.

On-line registration of the old system for recreational cyclists will end this Sunday, July 22, 2018! Cyclists who are currently accessing the base via the old system will be able to continue to do so until September 30th.  We anticipate that the volume of passes issued in late September and early October will require long waits, so don't procrastinate.

Location:  Individuals will need to go to: Main/Vandegrift Boulevard Visitors Center located in BLDG 20255T adjacent to the Main Entrance

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 3:30pm

Phone Number: 760-763-8435 for questions regarding base access

Required to Bring: Acceptable identity source document such as a valid government issued photo ID (I.E. Real ID ACT compliant driver's license, state identification card or passport)

Process: They will establish your identity, submit a criminal background check, and take your photograph and fingerprints.

Additional Information: Bicycle passes will be valid for one year and will be restricted to bicycle access; any attempt to enter the base in a motor vehicle with a bike pass will be turned around.  Recreational cyclists may not sponsor another adult cyclist.  Adult cyclists may be accompanied by minors for whom they are directly responsible.

No matter when you registered under the old system, that form of access to the base will end on September 30.  After that date only a DBIDS bicycle pass holder will be allowed aboard the base. 

Thank you for your attention and taking action for this important travel change. 

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I-5 has been an option since 911.  I take the 7 mile alternate stretch when I am down there as my companion doesn't wear a helmet and they won't let him cycle the base without one.  As of last week, this was still an option as my last guest took the interstate.  I have done it several times and have felt safe.

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Brave guy

I wouldn't be able to handle the experience of riding on the shoulder of I-5.   The noise and fumes from a 10 lane freeway is a big enough deterent for me.   And the 80 mph traffic is definitely a risk.   Its important the other riders know of the experience.

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My commute to work through

My commute to work through the LA port is far more dangerous.  I also felt much less safe on the roads in Georgia and South Carolina last month than I could possibly feel on an interstate with a huge 8'-10' shoulder.  Yes, it is good to know the specifics as well as the options available.

Several of my recent WS guests have talked about their experiences going around the slide in Big Sur.  There experiences there seem far more dangerous than a 7 mile stretch of interstate.  Everyone has their own comfort level.

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