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Venezia St Lucia train station, how to go there?

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Venezia St Lucia train station, how to go there?


I am in Venezia, and will take the train from Venezia St Lucia to Austria.

I try to find a way to reach the station, but as far as I found out all the ways to the station are going over bridges with stairs, so you have to take your bicycle up the stairs. This is of course very uncomfortable if you have a bicycle loaded with luggage (as I have, because I made a trip of 3,5 months).

Does anybody know a "normal" flat road going to the railway station?

The vaporetto (waterbus) does not take bicycles, it is announced.

Thanks for any suggestions, and if there is no other way, let this be a warning to other cyclists!

Untill now I find Venezia quite cyclist-unfriendly.

Juuk Slager

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You're right, Venezia is

You're right, Venezia is cyclist-unfriendly! We had the same problem last year... The only solution we found is to go by bike to the railway station of Mestre. there is a quite good cyclable way along the big road. It is very noisy but efficient.


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