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safety in Spain and Portugal

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safety in Spain and Portugal

Hello people!
I would love to get from Slovakia to Portugal but a friend of mine bevared me Spanish and Portuguese people saying it might be really dangerous for single girl (they were hitchhiking and some crazy men didn´t want to let them out from the car so they opened the door during the ride and jumped out without backpacks). I do not want to believe things like this happen all the time but also do not want to get to the land of wolves unconsciously. Better to be prepared for the worst and to get something better later on.
Do you have any experience yourself? Good or bad? Please, let me know!

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Hitchhiking and bicycle

Hitchhiking and bicycle touring are too completely different things. When you are on a bicycle, you are not trapped in a car just with the driver. I will leave it to other women to give you more reliable advice, but from my personal experience of Spain, I don’t think it is dangerous for a woman to cycle there.

But you definitely do not have to cycle alone. Since the Camino de Santiago is such a hugely popular cycling route these days, you can easily find other people to share the road with in France and Spain. You can search on bicycle forums for other cyclists, or you can just talk to other cyclists that you see at the big campgrounds along this route.

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Safety for solo female cyclists in Portugal

I join Christopher Culver in his advice. Same for Portugal. More and more touring cyclists, both female and male, solo or with other people. I live in Southwest Portugal and have hosted solo female cyclists. And met many others. No complaints! Say yes to Portugal.

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Hola, soy española y recorro

Hola, soy española y recorro España en bici y te aseguro que lo único que he encntrado es buen ambiente. No hay problema en viajar sola en absoluto, España en líneas generales es un país bastante seguro y libre, otra cosa es hacer autostop, no lo aconsejo ni en España ni en ninguna parte porque quien te para lleva sus intenciones buenas o malas pero ir en bici es muy distinto y muy gratificante. Te animo a que vengas a España, te sorprenderá la cantidad de vías verdes de antiguos ferrocarriles que hay para recorrer, caminos largos señalizados como el de Santiago desde distintos puntos del país, Camino La Plata de Sevilla a Santiago o la ruta del camino de Cid Campeador que recorre tres comunidades autonómicas como son la comunidad valenciana, la aragonesa y Castilla-La Mancha, además de muchísimas rutas señalizadas. España es ideal para la bicicleta, hay una gran afición y no es raro ver a una mujer sola en bici, de hecho como te comento yo viajo siempre sola en mis rutas largas y sin ningún problema además, la gente es bastante amable en líneas generales.

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